Covering Hokkaido longer than anyone else.

And that world is…?


These were the poetic words of Ukichiro Nakaya (1900-1962), the inventor of artificially created snow. He gave us these famous words when he visited the Teine Transmitting Station in 1959, not long after HBC had begun television broadcasting.

We believe that "snow crystals are a gift from heaven" as well as "letters from heaven"

Snow has a unique natural beauty that contributes to the lives of many creatures.
It is thanks to the long snow winters that the rest of the seasons can be so vibrant and colorful.

It was in this land that Hokkaido's first broadcasting company, HBC, was born in 1951.

Longer than anyone else, HBC has watched, participated, and contributed to the people and communities here in Hokkaido.

Hokkaido has other "gifts from heaven" aside from the snow.

The rich soils and bountiful seas provide us with wonderful ingredients and raw materials.
One example of these magnificent natural resources is the Shiretoko World Natural Heritage Site.
Another example is the Sapporo Snow Festival which also makes use of natural resources.

The attractions of Hokkaido are endless.

This is why HBC loves Hokkaido and is moving into the future along with the people who live here.

The story that HBC paints is one of infinite wonder in the northern land of Hokkaido.

Company Profile

Hokkaido Broadcasting Co., Ltd (HBC), founded in 1951, has the richest and longest history of any commercial broadcasting company in Hokkaido.

HBC was the 5th television station and the 7th radio station in the country. We produce and broadcast a wide range of local programs including news, documentaries, variety shows, sports, and dramas.Our productions are highly valued both inside and outside Japan.

In addition, HBC also hosts the HBC International Goodwill Square at the Sapporo Snow Festival. We also organize the HBC Junior Orchestra and HBC Junior Choir alongside many other art and culture events.

This vast area of Hokkaido makes up 22% of Japan's landmass is blessed with beautiful natural resources that gives birth to new ideas and inspiration.

"Local roots, global aspirations"… This is our motto at HBC.

Company Name
Hokkaido Broadcasting Co., Ltd
November 30,1951
Began broadcasting:
March 10, 1952(Radio), April 1, 1957 (Television)
495 Million Yen(495,000,000yen)
Business details
Basic and general broadcasting businesses in compliance with Broadcast Law(radio and television broadcasting);Media businesses ; Other broadcasting-related businesses
President & CEO
Takashi Watanabe
Number of employees
246(as of November 1, 2013)
2, Nishi 5-Chome, Kita 1-jo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
060-8501 Japan
Tel:+81-11-232-5800(general information)
Tokyo Branch
3-1-9 301 Shinbashi Bldg. 8F, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004
Osaka Branch
1-6-20 DOJIMA AVANZA, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0003
Broadcasting Stations
Hakodate, Asahikawa, Obihiro
Overseas Bureau
Transmitting Stations
Radio: 17, TV: 157 (as of April 1, 2018)

HBC is a proud participant in the Sapporo Snow Festival.

The Sapporo Snow Festival began in 1950 and now attracts over 2 million visitors from all over the world.
HBC has been creating large snow sculptures at the Sapporo Snow Festival since 1962, but it was our first creation that became known as the first masterpiece since the Snow Festival started. Our first snow sculpture, "Olympus", was created in the image of the Greek Parthenon lined with ancient Greek sculptures.

The HBC snow sculptures with their wide variety of themes have since secured their place as one of the main attractions at the Sapporo Snow Festival.

Starting in 1974, we have organized an "International Goodwill Square" where a major international structure is recreated as a large snow sculpture

At our 1984 "London Square", the ambassador from the United Kingdom stood in front of the large snow sculpture of Buckingham Palace and declared the following: "On behalf of the United Kingdom, I express how honored we are by your excellent planning and execution".

At our 1988 "Spain Square", we created sculptures of the Castle of Xavier and the Cervantes Monument. The Spanish Ambassador to Japan at the time expressed his surprise at the sculptures saying: "I never thought it would be possible to recreate a Don Quixote themed display of these famous monuments out of snow".

  Thus, the scale and craftsmanship of the HBC snow sculptures have become an irreplaceable part of the Sapporo Snow Festival.


November 30th: Hokkaido Broadcasting Co.,Ltd is established and becomes Hokkaido's first commercial broadcasting company.
March 10th: Radio broadcasting begins (7th in the nation)
Mt. Teine Transmitting Station in Sapporo is completed (first mountaintop transmitter in the country)
April 1st: Television broadcasting begins (5th in the nation)
Participated in production of "Toshiba Nichiyou Gekijou (Toshiba Sunday Theater)"
First Annual HBC Cup Jumping Competition is held
HBC participates in the creation of a large snow sculpture at the 13th Annual Sapporo Snow Festival.
Production begins on color television programs
First international broadcast production from a Japanese commercial broadcasting company at the Sapporo Winter Olympics
Broadcasting of the informational program "Pack 2" begins
Live coverage of the First Annual Sapporo Tokyu Open Golf Tournament
Broadcasting begins of the TV News show "Teleport 6"
JNN-HBC São Paulo branch office established
SNG ground station is established
JNN-HBC Russia Far-East branch office established in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
JNN-HBC Russia Far-East branch office moved to Vladivostok
HBC internet homepage launched
Dispatched staff to ORTO (Olympic Radio and Television Organization) for the Nagano Winter Olympics
Internet news videos (HBC NEWSi) releases begin
HBC Hokkaido Culture School is founded
JNN-HBC Moscow branch office established
50th anniversary ceremony
HBC Weather Center begins operations
Streaming website "HBC-BB" launches
JNN-HBC Beijing branch office established
"HBC Radio Podcasting" launches
Digital terrestrial television broadcasting begins
All digital broadcasting stations in Hokkaido come online
Supporting coverage and charity activities for the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake
All analog broadcasting goes offline and Japan completes the switch to digital broadcasting
Broadcasting begins at the new Teine Transmitting Station in Sapporo.