Start up! 360°


360°Video app for mobile devices "HBC VR"
for iOS/Andloid

【Sample Video】
Shooting video of HBC Female announcer Calendar

360-degree videos are made with a camera system that can record all degrees simultaneously. Users can watch it if they were in the place
We provide you "HBC VR"app, and deliver 360-degree videos of Hokkaido.

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- HBC VR app has two viewing mode: Stereo mode for using with VR viewer and Mono mode for using with smartphone only.
- Videos can be viewed with or without Cardboard or a comparable VR viewer.
- You can control the contents by VR pointer without removing your smartphone from the VR viewer.

* Stereo mode is not recommended for children under 12 years of age. Please use HBC VR app in Mono mode without VR viewer.
* We strongly recommend using HBC VR app with a Wi-Fi connection.

Funny animals in the zoo, tourist infoemation, and more…

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