Sapporo Haunted House 2019「Twin Ghost」Sapporo Haunted House 2019「Twin Ghost」


July 5/2019(Fri)-September 1(Sun)


Norvesa 3rd Floor(Sapporo, Chuo-ku, Minami 3 Jo Nishi 5-chome, 1-1)





There once were two almost inseparable twins named Hitoe and Futae. The two shared a doll they both loved dearly named Ichiko. Ichiko was made of two parts which each of the twins kept a piece. The doll may have been a symbol that showed the twins’ happiness in being with each other.

When the two started high school, they became friends with a boy named Taneda. But he could not fall in love with the two of them both at the same time. After long thought, Taneda chose Hitoe over Futae. The heart of the twins were one since birth, but this happening caused them to separate.

Futae could not stand her loneliness and jumped in a river and drowned. But, in choosing Hitoe, Taneda intentionally wanted to separate the twins as part of a cruel joke.

When Hitoe found out about his intentions, she herself died. In the end, the two split hearts could not be put back together as one.


Find the two parts of the Hitoe and Futae’s doll Ichiko and use it to bring their souls together again.